Below is a collection of packaging and dimensional design including retail packaging, product displays, specialty and budget packaging, and dimensional invitations, designed or worked on by Jon Fenwick.

Aquatic Safety Concepts

Dedicated to swimming safety technology, ACS builds commercial and personal drowning detection systems in the form of a headband that signals alerts if a swimmer is under water for too long.

iSwimband Packaging
The packaging, POP display and user manual for the iSwimband.

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Ceramic imitation eggs created to bring Easter egg dyeing to children affected by egg allergies. The eggs also make for effective crafting projects and displays.

EggNots Packaging
Egg Nots packaging consisting of a belly-band wrapping around an unusual 3 x 4 egg container.

Silver Award for packaging design by the Connecticut Art Directors Club.

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Marriage in a Box

This self-help book in the form of a deck of flash cards is designed to help couples improve communication in the privacy of their home, at a fraction of the cost of traditional marriage counseling.

Marriage in a Box Cards
Marriage in a Box cards.
Marriage in a Box Packaging
In order to save cost on the packaging for the initial card decks, a retail paper mache recipe box was wrapped with a belly band.

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Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational

The tin was the packaging for the invitation to the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational. Each was personalized for the celebrities in attendance.

Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational